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Which Plants Grow Well Under an LED Grow Light?

Flexible and vertical LED grow lights have revolutionized the agricultural industry. Could artificial light for plants be right for your crops?

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The Nitty Gritty of Vertical Horticulture

Vertical horticulture is, alongside technologies such as hydroponics and controlled environment agriculture, a way in which farming has begun to move into the cities. Learn more about it here.

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How to Start an Urban Garden

Due to LED grow lights and controlled environment agriculture, farming is becoming more accessible than ever. Find out how to start your own controlled environment horticulture operation here.

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Modern Markets Meet the Food Industry

Technologies like commercial grow lights, indoor vertical farming, hydroponics and aquaponics are helping to shift agriculture in a sustainable direction. Why?

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A Crash Course in CBD

Technology, such as aquaponics, vertical LED grow lights, and controlled environment horticulture, have made it easier than ever to grow hemp and produce CBD. But what exactly is this compound?

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The Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis

Hemp and marijuana come from the same species but are two completely different plants. Because of this, they have different uses and are treated different, legally speaking.

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How to Set Up Successful Plant Trials With LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights provide an easy opportunity for growers and scientists to conduct plant trials with simple installations and a broad range of different spectra in multiple form factors.

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How Is It Possible to Grow Plants Without Soil?

Did you know plants can grow without soil? However, do still need components that are found in soil, such as humidity, root-zone temperature, water, CO2, nutrients, oxygen, and temperature.

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The Local Food Climate in Minnesota

The local food economy in Minnesota has experienced steady growth for over 20 years. As more consumers demand locally grown food, local growers and farmers’ markets will continue to thrive economically.

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How Urban Agriculture Is Making a Difference in MSP

Urban gardens in Minneapolis, MN are helping to supply the city’s residents with rich, organic, healthy vegetables and fruits. Small and large farms are making significant impacts in stimulating the Twin Cities’ economies.

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