100 years ago nearly every American produced their own crops in their backyard or on a tiny plot of land. After a steady decline that spanned nearly a century, homegrown gardening is once again on the rise. According to the National Gardening Association, 1 in 3 Americans is now producing some type of edible vegetation on their property. The trend has skyrocketed over 65% over the last decade.


What is the reason for the rise in domesticated gardening? Scaled-down, simple, ‘mini’ farming methods that are easy to implement right in the comfort of your own home. Americans now more than ever are feeling the need to move back to a more organic lifestyle due to improved food quality, the rising cost of produce, and health concerns in the agricultural industry.


Below, we cover the basics of at-home indoor gardening and how you can get started growing your fruits and vegetables at home. If you have any further questions or need to order LED lighting for your indoor farm, contact GrowFilm today.

Why Gardening is Simpler Than You Think

Before the advent of indoor farming, growing a garden took a lot of work, planning, and education. It was a difficult task for many people who did not have the time or money to undertake such a large endeavor.

Learning the Variables

But times have changed. Thanks to advances in technology and methods, Americans are now discovering that gardening is both easy and fulfilling. What does it take to grow your own garden? You have to start with the variables that create the perfect environment for almost any plant:


●        The right amount of space (horizontal or vertical)

●        Adequate and appropriate low-power LED lighting

●        65 to 75-degree temperature

●        Increased indoor humidity

●        Hydroponics or plenty of water or

●        Organic, chemical-free soil

●        Nutrients


Striking a balance and blend of all the variables creates the perfect environment for growing plants naturally. While all these variables seem difficult to understand, they are surprisingly easy to apply in your home.

Providing Water and Nutrients

Hydroponic systems have now been reduced to countertop systems that allow you to grow a wide array of vegetables including tomatoes, radishes, basil, lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, or even spinach and kale.


Hydroponic systems allow you to grow plants in water-based, organic, nutrient rich-solution. There is no need for soil. Instead, the root system is supported using a medium such as perlite, rockwool, or peat moss. For the most part, tabletop hydroponic systems are self-sustaining and provide plenty of nutrients and water for your plants.

Adding Light

If you plan to grow your vegetables indoor but have no space for proper light, GrowFilm’s low-power LED grow lights will provide the same type of light as natural sunlight. Panels can be shaped or according to your specifications with little to no effort.


You can control how much light the plant receives based on its requirements. LED lighting allows you to place your vegetables anywhere you want them — even in dark rooms.

Year-Round Farming

By bringing your plants indoors, you can grow them in any season regardless of the weather outside. Once you’ve perfected the process, you simply start all over again. We recommend starting with one plant and then building your mini-garden from there. Most vegetables are easy to grow and harvest. You can even venture into herbs and spices.


The greatest benefit to growing your own plants is that you can control what goes into your plant and what comes out. You’ll soon learn that it doesn’t take chemicals, genetic engineering, or additives to get pure vegetables that taste delicious. You simply need the right variables reinforced by ongoing care and nurturing.

LED Lighting Systems for Indoor Gardens

If you are interested in starting a small or large indoor garden, GrowFilm offers low-power LED lighting solutions. Our products are changing the agricultural landscape and making a difference in how farmers approach growing vegetables using sustainable, green methods.


To find out more about our LED lighting products and services, call us today at 952-944-9863, or you can message us at partender@growfilm.ag.