Like many other countries across the globe, the U.S. is growing into an urban society. According to a recent Bloomberg report, urban areas have quadrupled over the last seven decades, growing at a staggering rate of about 1 million acres annually.


As populations bottleneck into urban areas, food supply becomes an ever-increasing concern. Although Food Policy Counsels are developing community gardens, urban farms, and farmers markets to meet higher demands in some of America’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas, there is growing concern that population is exceeding organic food production.


Yet, the lack of urban-based food supply shortages isn’t the only problem. Much of America’s agricultural land is also growing smaller at an alarming rate. As it stands, only 400 million acres of the nearly 2 billion acres of U.S. land is used for crop production.


What is the rest of the land used for? Here’s the breakdown in acres (rounded):


●        Pasture / Ranges: 650 million

●        Forest land:           540 million

●        Special use:          170 million

●        Miscellaneous:        70 million

●        Urban areas:           70 million


The U.S. land that isn’t used for crop production is currently being utilized for national parks, wildlife refuges, highways, railways, military installation, cemeteries, golf courses, marshes, commercial activities, logging, and livestock pasture.


In other words, cropland is dwindling while other uses for U.S. land is expanding.

Where is the Food Coming From?

With the agricultural landscape suffering from oversized land use in other areas and growing populations, the U.S. has turned to other countries for food sourcing. 15 percent of food and beverage products are now imported, and 30 percent of fresh fruits and vegetables are shipped to the United States from other countries


The need for urban farms, controlled environment agriculture, and farmers markets is greater than ever as urban populations continue to skyrocket and cropland is being repurposed.

Urban Farming Offers a Viable Solution


City leaders and food councils in many of America’s largest cities are already implementing strategies to foster fruit and vegetable production within the city limits. Facilities such as vertical farms, community gardens, and farmers markets providing residents with local/sustainable produce. Indoor farmers are now utilizing new methods of farming such as hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics to produce plants in a controlled environment setting.


The growing urban farming movement is taking root in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland.

LED Grow Light Systems for Indoor Farming

The main focus in controlled environment agriculture is creating artificial light that stimulates plant growth. Eight out of nine variables for growing plants center around light. Therefore, lighting solutions are key to the success of indoor farming.


LED lighting systems such as those offered by GrowFilm™, help create the perfect farming environment for a wide range of plants to thrive regardless of seasonal conditions outside. Since plants are dependent upon light spectrums to photosynthesize, LED lights offer light spectrums that successfully grow many varieties of plants.


For instance, plants draw from red and blue light more for photosynthesis than they do green. Thus, the absorption spectrum of plants can effectively be matched by using the right combination of LEDs.


Combined with GrowFilm™’s vertical or flexible panels, GrowFilm™ can create a light environment that is suitable for plant production. Panels can be custom designed to create LED a LED light for any agricultural setting in any controlled environment in the U.S. If urban farms are a method the agriculture industry has been looking for to help feed the increasing population, GrowFilm™ LED lights can help ensure the success of indoor farms.

GrowFilm™: Leaders in the Indoor Farming Industry

GrowFilm™ is leading the LED lighting industry with innovating solutions that help indoor farmers provide the right environment for plant growth. Our commercial grow lights can be integrated into your facility so that you can start producing crops right away.


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