Cannabidiol oil, also known colloquially as CBD, is an extract produced from the cannabis plant—in other words, from marijuana and hemp. However, CBD is non-psychoactive; this means that unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is also present in the leaves of the cannabis plant, CBD does not produce the characteristic cannabis “high.”


If that’s the case, though, why are so many people talking about CBD, and why are so many companies selling it? GrowFilm® is here to talk you through the basics, as well as give you some suggestions for legally growing and producing this substance, should you so choose.

What CBD Can Help Treat

The compound has been scientifically shown to be effective against Epilepsy. There is also some evidence that suggests it can be useful in the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and an anti-inflammatory. This evidence has mostly been collected from animal trials, and anecdotal evidence attests to CBD’s effectiveness in treating anxiety in pets.

How CBD is Produced

As stated above, CBD is naturally present in plants from the cannabis family. Therefore, it is not so much produced as grown and extracted. When first extracted, it takes the form of an oil, but it can be mixed into anything from gummies to pills and from bath bombs to teas.


There are three primary methods of extracting CBD:

1)      CO2 Method: Carbon Dioxide is pushed through cannabis leaves at high pressure and low temperature. Many people see this as the purest method, as it is very efficient in removing undesired compounds present in the plant, such as Chlorophyll.

2)      Ethanol Method: Alcohol (Ethanol) is used to isolate the CBD; however, it also eliminates other beneficial natural oils present in cannabis plants.

3)      Oil Method: A carrier oil (most commonly olive oil) is used to extract CBD.


Consider Controlled Environment Horticulture for Hemp

The non-psychoactive hemp plant is legal in many states; marijuana itself, due to its higher concentration of THC, is still a dicey topic. Look through the laws in your area to make doubly sure that a hemp or marijuana farming operation is legal.


If you are interested in growing plants from this family, also consider innovations, such as indoor vertical farming and artificial light for plants. Plants grown in controlled environments maximize output. GrowFilm®  of Eden Prairie has everything you need to get started. To find out more about our LED lighting products and services, call today at 952-944-9863, or you can send a message to