Light energy is the driving force behind photosynthesis, the chemical process ultimately responsible for plant growth and development. Where does this important process take place? The leaves. A plant’s leaves absorb light, which is then used to convert C02 into Carbohydrates. Light absorption is one of the many factors that drives plant growth, however it is the most important.

The biggest problem in indoor agriculture is sup-optimized yield due to inefficient “above canopy only” lighting. Growers have long had to design their grow spaces around their lighting and hardware. GrowFilm offers fully customizable and flexible emitters that can surround entire plants from less than a foot away. Our lights bathe your leaves in photons, from the top of thecanopy to base of the stem.

We at GrowFilm understand the importance of photosynthesis and have developed an indoor lighting system designed to optimize the conditions needed to drive plant growth. While at the same time crafting an elegant product that will allow you to bring your plants into the future and into the light.