The latest trend of sustainable farming is radically changing the food and agricultural industries. No longer do consumers desire processed vegetables laden in pesticides and additives; there is a clear demand for fresh, nutrient-dense produce with health benefits that are not quashed by excess packaging and shipping.

Who Drives this Change?

This change in the market is solely driven by the consumer. Having to cater to this demand for less processed food has drastically affected the way in which large corporations go about their farming. While the concept of sustainability is by no means new, the impact of its favor with the entire Millennial generation has become known as the new food revolution. At GrowFilm® we have helped businesses adjust to this change with our low-powered LED lights for indoor and urban farmland.

Why Sustainability Now?

For years, mega-corporations and big businesses have used product placement and financial incentive to capitalize on the “next big thing.” What once was the revolution becomes the institution, so goes the old adage. Trends in food and agriculture are no exception to this rule.


But why now is an entire generation trending toward green, sustainable food, instead of big businesses making it so? It’s simple: if a social group is not benefitting as it should from businesses, that group will rise up and make the change it wants to see. The environment is deteriorating and the soil is polluted; Millennials have experienced the adverse effects of this.


Rejection of big business-imposed status quo has caused a market change so radical that organic farming has gone from being almost unheard of to readily talked about, even outside of the agriculture industry. By abandoning processed foods, a generation is taking control of a market that once seemed firmly in the hands of corporations.


Controlled Environmental Agriculture: Filling a Market Need

For growers, adjusting to this new demand can be difficult. With many plots of land having been overfarmed and depleted, their yields are becoming less nutritious. Not to mention that organic farming requires a transitional period of years to purge the soil of pesticides. During these years farmers often don’t see a high return on their investments.


This is where Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA)—also known as indoor agriculture, or Controlled Environmental Horticulture—comes into play. At GrowFilm in Eden Prairie, we offer commercial grow lights for plants to help your growing operation move toward CEA so as to adjust to new market trends. To find out more about our LED lighting products and services, call today at 952-944-9863, or you can send a message to