Due to technologies such as LED grow lights, the conventional image of what it means to “farm” is changing. Gone are the days in which your backyard had to be rolling fields; gone too are the reliance on the capricious sun and rain. With the growing use of controlled environment horticulture, the ideal growing season of any crop can be artificially replicated for the best production levels possible.


Though terms such as “grow lights” and “horticulture” sound like industry-only lingo, the truth is that anyone can make use of these to start a happy little farming operation. Growfilm®, a flexible LED grow light company, explains the first steps to starting a small urban farming operation below.

Find a Good Spot of Land

Once you’ve decided to start growing, this is obviously the first step. Though the process has been made easier by controlled environment agriculture and LED grow light systems (you can afford to be less picky with the land’s soil quality), keep in mind that this is bound to take a while, and to be expensive. If you struggle to find affordable parking in a city, imagine what finding a sizable plot of land will be like!


If you can’t afford your own plot of land, you may consider checking with local utility agencies or parks and recreation boards to see if you can work something out. Nearby vacant lots or rooftops may also be an option.

Figure Out What to Plant

Again, this is an obvious step; that said, there are many variables that go into the decision, so it deserves to be talked about.


Pretty much any species of crop can grow under artificial light, so if you’re doing controlled environment agriculture, environmental factors that hinder production are nothing to worry about. Otherwise, the city poses quite a few challenges: a lack of sunlight, poor airflow, and foot traffic, just to name a few. You’ll need to extensively assess crop species, soil quality, and environmental factors, which require a substantial investment of time (and money, if your novice farming operation fails).


You should also factor in the opinions of grocers, restaurant owners, and local farmers’ market managers when deciding what to plant. These people know what is currently in demand and what is likely to make you the most money.

Ready to Plant?

If you’re ready to start growing food with LED lights, contact Growfilm® of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, today. We’ll help you find the best LED grow lights for your needs. To find out more about our LED lighting products and services, call today at 952-944-9863, or you can send a message to partender@growfilm.ag.