Cannabis Grow Lights

GrowFilm® is designed to be efficient and highly adaptable, making it ideal for virtually any growing setup. The unique features of GrowFilm® make it one of the best grow lights for cannabis on the market. GrowFilm® is a slim and lightweight LED grow light that uses a flexible circuit to deliver the perfect balance of performance and adaptability.

If you want to maximize your grow while also reducing your costs, it is crucial that you get your lighting right. Our lighting solutions make it easy to create the ideal lighting conditions and achieve better results more cost-effectively.

Why Choose GrowFilm®?

In most growing environments, making efficient use of space is critical. Unique properties by GrowFilm® make it ideally suited for environments where a balance of performance and practicality is required. We develop custom lighting solutions that are tailored to your exact growing needs and deliver incredible performance.

Energy Efficient GrowFilm® is among the most efficient LED grow lights for cannabis available. Our lights are designed to encourage maximum growth while using minimal energy. GrowFilm® delivers light effectively and efficiently.
Low HeatGrowFilm® was specially designed to produce minimal thermal output without the need for a heat sink. Created using our patented light emitters that use many smaller LEDs, GrowFilm® operates with minimal heat.
Your Best Grow Remarkably low operating temperature by GrowFilm® allows it to be placed closer to your plants. As a result, more energy is transferred from the light to your plants, helping you achieve your best grow ever.
Flexible Design LEDs by GrowFilm® are arranged and circuited on UL-approved PolyEthylene Terephthalate film. The film and diodes are durable, while also offering an impressive degree of flexibility. Easily trim GrowFilm® to suit small or uniquely-shaped spaces, or tile multiple panels together to fit a larger space.
Consistent, Predictable OutcomesCustomized to meet your exact specifications, GrowFilm® allows you to create a formula for growing success that can be easily replicated. Achieve optimal results consistently with GrowFilm®.
Incredible ControlAll of our lighting solutions are fully customized and tailored to your needs, providing you with incredible control of the timing, placement, and spectrum of lighting provided. GrowFilm® easily adapts to virtually any setup, helping you provide optimum growing conditions at every stage of plant growth.

The Impact of GrowFilm®

There are many different factors that affect plant growth. By controlling these factors, you can create an ideal growing environment and achieve your best possible grow. Lighting plays a crucial role in all stages of plant growth and even affects other factors that influence growth. GrowFilm® was designed to support these key factors, including:

  • Temperature. When you’re growing in a controlled environment, temperature extremes can take a major toll on the health of your plants. Many popular lighting solutions produce a fair amount of heat, requiring them to be mounted farther away from your plants as well as the use of bulky fans to mitigate the excess heat. GrowFilm® was designed to produce minimal thermal output without the need for a heat sink. Our patented light emitters use many smaller LEDs and operate with minimal heat.
  • Humidity. High heat and high humidity can cause problems such as mold, mildew, and other unwanted biological growth. High humidity can prevent your plants from properly absorbing CO2, which could reduce the efficiency of photosynthesis. With GrowFilm®, you have better control over the amount of heat your plants are exposed to.
  • Root-Zone Temperature. Many lighting options can heat up soil in the root zone, which can negatively impact the overall health of your plants. Since GrowFilm® produces minimal heat, the root zone remains cooler and your plants stay healthier.
  • Water. Water is a crucial component to a healthy grow environment. Without the right combination of water and light, your plants cannot transpire. Transpiration is the process that takes place when water is drawn up from a plant’s roots into its leaves. The water, warmed by light, evaporates and passes out of the plant through thousands of tiny pores. This process helps spread minerals throughout the plant and allows the plants to cool themselves.
  • Oxygen. Oxygen is a byproduct of the process of photosynthesis, but light is needed in order to support photosynthesis and allow for the release of oxygen back into the atmosphere.
  • Nutrients. Lighting itself may not provide any nutrients, but it does affect nutrient intake by supporting transpiration and photosynthesis, which influences nutrient absorption. By providing proper lighting, you can better support all stages of plant growth.
  • Carbon Dioxide. Carbon dioxide helps fuel photosynthesis. In the presence of light, the plant will undergo photosynthesis using carbon dioxide to fuel the process. Without sufficient lighting, plants are unable to undergo photosynthesis resulting in an excess amount of CO2. Excessive CO2 can lead to tissue deterioration, which can diminish the quality of buds.

Want to learn more about our LED lighting solutions for cannabis? Contact us today to learn more and to start creating your custom GrowFilm® system.