For many growers in the floriculture industry, the use of artificial light is essential to meeting production needs and creating a shorter production cycle. Artificial lighting offers an incredible level of control, and our LED flowering lights are designed to meet the unique needs of floriculture growers.

When it comes to providing LED lighting for flowering plants, it’s all about finding the perfect balance. Too little light, and your plants will begin to stretch in order to reach more sufficient lighting, often developing smaller flowers and much thinner stems. Too much light, and plants may shift to avoid the excess light, resulting in a less aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Revolutionizing Indoor Growing

With GrowFilm®, you can provide balanced, custom lighting that allows for unsurpassed levels of control over plant growth, flowering times, and flower count. GrowFilm® is low heat, energy efficient, and incredibly flexible, offering the perfect blend of performance and functionality.

  • Ideal Lighting for More Beautiful Flowers. Your specific lighting needs will vary depending on plant species and growing environment, which is why it is critical that your lighting solutions are tailored to meet your exact requirements. GrowFilm® is custom-designed, providing superior performance and control over the growing environment. Our LED flowering lights can be specially designed to meet your growth targets, including:
    • Encouraging Vegetative and Root Growth. In order to produce beautiful, healthy flowers, you need a strong and healthy plant. With GrowFilm®, you can provide ideal lighting that encourages both vegetative and root growth.
    • Influencing Growth. Grow taller plants or produce more compact plants by tailoring your lighting to influence plant growth.
    • Promoting Germination. Promote germination and healthy growth of seedlings with the ideal spectrum of GrowFilm®.
    • Controlling Flowering. The quality and quantity of light can be used to encourage faster flowering times and even increase flower count.
  • Easily Shaped to Fit Your Needs. Unique form factor by GrowFilm® makes it incredibly adaptable and versatile, allowing us to create lighting solutions for virtually any growing environment.
    • Made with durable, flexible panels that are designed to flex and conform to fit nearly any space.
    • Multiple sheets can be connected together to fill a larger area.
  • Designed to Meet Your Specific Lighting Needs. Depending on plant species and growing environment, your specific lighting needs will vary. GrowFilm® is custom-designed based on your exact needs and environment, providing highly tailored lighting.
    • Customized, Adjustable Light Spectra for Superior Control. With GrowFilm®, you can easily adapt your lighting to suit your needs. Circuits can be custom-designed based on your requirements, and output can be dimmed following installation.
    • Thermally Unprecedented for Better Performance. Designed to require no heat sink, GrowFilm® is able to run with minimal heat output. This remarkably low output makes GrowFilm® one of the best LED lights for plants, providing quality light while protecting them from damaging heat.
Cost-Effective LED flowering lights by GrowFilm® provide cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting. Due to its minimal thermal output, GrowFilm® allows you to provide quality lighting without the need to use additional methods to protect your plants and equipment from excessive heat.
Designed for You GrowFilm® provides you with the unique ability to shape your LED flowering lights based on your exact needs. Our team is able to develop highly tailored lighting options that are designed just for you.
Highest Efficacy for Better Outcomes As a low-heat lighting solution, GrowFilm® can be placed closer to your plants for better growing outcomes. Discover better growth, healthier plants, and an incredible level of control over flowering times.

We can develop effective lighting solutions for any indoor growing environment. Contact us today to learn more, and to start creating your custom GrowFilm® system.