The efficiency and adaptability of GrowFilm® make it an ideal solution for indoor growers who want to make optimal use of their space while also increasing their yields. GrowFilm® is a thin, lightweight LED lighting solution that uses a flexible circuit, offering the perfect balance of performance and adaptability.

Growing methods such as indoor vertical farming have revolutionized the way food is produced. These new approaches to horticulture allow for more efficient food production and better access to fresh, nutritious, and high-quality food. In dense urban settings where food deserts can occur, controlled environment horticulture provides access to a wide range of fresh produce.

Why Choose GrowFilm®?

In an indoor growing environment, making efficient use of space is critical. Unique properties by GrowFilm® make it ideally suited for environments where a balance of performance and practicality is required. Our custom lighting solutions provide the ideal spectrum for your growing needs, while using less energy and conforming to virtually any setup.

  • Low Energy Usage. The incredible efficiency of horticultural LED grow lights by GrowFilm® ensures minimum energy usage while encouraging maximum plant growth. LEDs are remarkably efficient, delivering light effectively while using minimal energy and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Minimal Heat, Greater Efficacy. We’ve designed GrowFilm® to produce minimal thermal output without the need for a heat sink. Our patented light emitters use many smaller LEDs and operate with minimal heat. Low heat and high uniformity by GrowFilm® with many points of light allow us to produce the most photons using the lowest amount of energy (as high as 3.5 µmol/J).
    • Many points of light provide the best light dispersion and uniformity in the industry.
    • Uniformity of light increases plant health and yields, while eliminating hot or dark spots over the entire growing area.
  • Adaptable, Flexible Design. LEDs by GrowFilm® are arranged and circuited on UL-approved Polyimide (PI) film. The film and diodes are incredibly durable, while also offering an impressive degree of flexibility. The unique properties of GrowFilm® make it possible to light virtually any space creatively and efficiently.
    • GrowFilm® can be modified to fit into tight or uniquely shaped spaces.
    • Panels can be easily tiled together to fit larger configurations.
  • Consistent and Predictable Growing Outcomes. By controlling the timing, placement, and spectrum of lighting provided, you can achieve an incredible level of control of the growing environment. GrowFilm® can be customized to meet your exact specifications, allowing you to create a formula for success that can be replicated to produce optimal results consistently.
    • Adapts to virtually any setup to consistently provide optimum growing conditions from germination through harvest.
    • Produce optimal results consistently with customized lighting solutions.
  • Lasting Performance. Heat takes a major toll on the health of your plants, but it can also shorten the lifespan of your electronic equipment. Because GrowFilm® produces minimal heat, it’s much less likely to incur heat damage or cause heat damage to your other equipment. Enjoy many years of reliable performance by integrating GrowFilm® into your growing environment.
  • Control the Spectral Quality of Light. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, you need the best possible quality of lighting. Our team is able to produce tailored lighting solutions that are custom manufactured to meet your exact needs.
Cost-Effective Compared to conventional lighting solutions, LED grow lights by GrowFilm® provide affordable, energy-efficient lighting. Our lighting solutions are as efficient as they are effective. Because GrowFilm® produces minimal heat, there is no need to use additional methods to protect your plants and equipment from excessive heat.
Modifiable With GrowFilm®, you have the ability to shape your lighting solution. From the spectrum of lighting to the size and shape, our team can develop impeccably tailored lighting options that perfectly suit your unique needs. For any plant and any growing environment, we are able to develop the ideal solution for optimal results.
Highest Efficacy for Better Outcomes Because it produces minimal heat, GrowFilm® can be placed closer to plants. As a result, more photons are transferred from the light to the plant. GrowFilm® provides supplemental lighting ideal for controlled environment agriculture settings, or anywhere where increased production is desired. GrowFilm® is able to meet the unique needs of your plants and growing environment for a better plant response, shorter grow times, and increased yields.

We can develop effective lighting solutions for any controlled environment horticulture setting. Contact us today to learn more and to start creating your custom GrowFilm® system.