Case Studies

Working with the top minds in horticulture and agriculture at the University of Minnesota along with a variety of different growers, GrowFilm® is bringing groundbreaking research to market with our revolutionary, patented grow technology.

We believe in enhancing the growth of safe and healthy plants in a local, sustainable manner and making it more accessible in order to feed an ever-increasing global population.

We also believe it is more enjoyable and productive to grow whatever you want indoors, regardless of climate, season, or location.

These core beliefs have inspired us to utilize more than 100 years of collective experience in the lighting industry to create GrowFilm®, the first ever low-heat, energy-efficient, flexible LED grow lights system.


GrowFilm® Cannabis Study

Field trials were conducted with home medical growers located from Panama City, Florida to Anchorage, Alaska. The field test consisted of using White Lighting™ and Patriot™ from full vegetation to final stages of flowering.

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GrowFilm® Field Trial

During the month of April 2017, a trial grow was conducted with a long-term, sophisticated indoor grower. Management wanted to test GrowFilm® under actual growing conditions side-by-side with their existing lighting system which consisted of 400W induction lamps.

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Looking for more verified research? Check out our White Paper from a Univ. of Minnesota study.