Science of GrowFilm®

GrowFilm® was developed as part of our commitment to enhance the growing of safe and healthy plants in a local, sustainable manner more accessible in order to feed an ever-increasing global population. Our team continues to work with the top minds in horticulture and agriculture at the University of Minnesota along with a variety of growers, bringing groundbreaking research.

Our revolutionary, patented grow technology was developed to solve the unique challenges of growing plants in a controlled environment. In developing GrowFilm®, we tapped into more than 100 years of collective experience in the lighting industry to develop the first-ever, low-heat, energy-efficient, flexible LED grow lighting system.

  • Flexible, adaptable design for incredible versatility.
  • Efficient, low-heat light that promotes healthy plant growth.
  • Available in custom spectrums and designed to suit your specific needs.

Designed to Revolutionize Indoor Growing.

GrowFilm® was specifically designed to target a plant’s photosynthetically active pigments. Throughout the development process, our team consulted with Dr. John Erwin, a lead researcher with the University of Minnesota’s Horticulture Department. Working with Dr. Erwin, we were able to produce a flexible, low-heat, energy-efficient grow light solution that can be customized for any indoor growing environment and to meet any grower's specifications and needs.

  • Minimal Heat for Greater Efficiency. Excessive heat can be incredibly damaging to plants, especially young seedlings and clones. We’ve found that the best way to manage heat is to avoid generating it in the first place. GrowFilm® is designed to provide optimal, balanced lighting without generating excessive heat.
    • Our LED grow lights’ heat output is remarkably low. Patented light emitters by GrowFilm®’s use many smaller LEDs, and under drive them, resulting in our emitters operating with minimal heat output.
    • Minimal heat allows you to put GrowFilm® closer to your plants, resulting in reduced energy consumption and higher PPFD.
  • Highest Efficacy. GrowFilm® is designed to dramatically increase plant growth and yields, while using less energy. Through low heat and high uniformity, we are able to produce the most micromoles using the lowest amount of energy (as high as 3.5 µmol/J). 
  • Best Uniformity in the Industry.Designed with many points of light, GrowFilm® provides the best light dispersion and uniformity in the industry. Uniformity of light by GrowFilm® increases plant health and yields, while eliminating hot and dark spots over the entire growing area.
  • Custom Spectrums. No two growing environments are exactly the same, which is why it is so crucial that your lighting solutions are tailored to your exact needs. GrowFilm® is custom manufactured, allowing us to develop lighting that is perfectly suited to what you are growing, and your exact growing conditions.

Surround Your Plants in Perfect Light

GrowFilm® offers industry-leading performance in a cutting-edge, adaptable design. The unique, flexible design of GrowFilm® allows it to surround your plant in perfectly balanced, custom light. GrowFilm® can be adapted to reach the top canopy, sides, and under leaves, dramatically increasing growth and yields by up to 40 percent.

LEDs by GrowFilm® are arranged and circuited on highly durable, UL-approved Polyimide (PI) film. The result is a flexible, easily modified panel that can be shaped to suit virtually any environment. GrowFilm® can even be cut to fit unique shapes and sizes without compromising the integrity and performance of the unit, or tiled together to fit a larger space such as with vertical walls, racks, or towers.

GrowFilm® is the easiest and most versatile indoor grow light on the market.

  • Designed to adapt to any space
  • Only 1.2 ounces per square foot

Discover what is possible with GrowFilm®. Contact us today to start planning your custom LED grow light system. We can develop a tailored and effective solution for any growing environment.

Visit our Technology page to view detailed product specifications and our LED grow lights full spectrum charts.