Unique Form Factor

Unique, lightweight form factor by GrowFilm® allows it to be effectively deployed with vertical walls, racks, or towers. No matter the scale of your operation, we can develop a lighting solution that perfectly suits your needs. Our flexible LED grow lights are incredibly adaptable and can be tailored to fit virtually any system without compromising on performance.

  • GrowFilm® is an adaptable, flexible LED grow light that can be modified to suit any need. Our team is able to modify it to fit a smaller space, or connect multiple sheets to fit a large area.
  • Designed to require no heat sink, GrowFilm® produces minimal thermal output, making it one of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants.
  • Our GrowFilm® panels are designed to provide balanced lighting while saving on energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.
  • GrowFilm® emitters can be adjusted after installation to dim the output.

Ideal Lighting, Endless Possibilities.

The flexibility of GrowFilm® allows for virtually endless possibilities, enabling you to surround your plants in ideal lighting. Balanced, evenly distributed light is able to reach the top canopy, sides, and even under leaves, resulting in dramatically increased growth, shorter grow times, and higher yields.

  • Unique and Lightweight. Remarkably flexible and lightweight, GrowFilm® is as adaptable as it is effective. LEDs by GrowFilm® are arranged and circuited on UL-approved and highly durable Polyimide (PI) film. This unique design allows GrowFilm® to be easily shaped to fit nearly any space, and can even be modified without compromising the integrity of the unit. GrowFilm® is the easiest and most versatile indoor grow light on the market, and eliminates the need for multiple lamps and lighting systems.
    • Designed to fit any space you can imagine.
    • Only 1.2 ounces per square foot.
  • Custom Spectrums. Beyond being able to shape GrowFilm® to fit your specific setup needs, you can also determine the spectrum and intensity of your lighting solution. GrowFilm® is custom manufactured, allowing us to meet your exact needs based on what you are growing and under what conditions.
    • Achieve the optimal spectrum for the specific plants you are growing.
    • Can be easily integrated into control systems, allowing you to provide ideal lighting more cost-effectively.
  • Minimal Heat. Heat can be incredibly damaging to plants, and expensive to mitigate in a controlled grow environment. GrowFilm® was designed to use many low-powered LEDs, thus creating less heat. This reduces the need for costly fans or excessive air conditioning systems. 
  • Highest Uniformity. Uniform, evenly distributed light increases plant health and produces higher yields. Our flexible panels are comprised of many points of light, providing the best light uniformity in the industry. They are designed to eliminate hot and dark spots within the growing area, increasing efficiency and yields.
  • Increased Density. Because GrowFilm® is flexible and produces minimal heat, it can be placed much closer to plants than other lighting solutions. This close placement allows for more photons to be transferred to the plant, resulting in higher yields, reduced grow time, reduced energy consumption, and higher profits.

With GrowFilm®, you can produce higher yields in less time, all while consuming significantly less energy. We make it easy to tailor your lighting for the best possible result, creating a formula for success that you can replicate. Our innovative lighting solutions provide you with an incredible level of control over these key factors:

Spectrum No two growing environments are exactly alike, which is why your lighting solutions should be tailored to meet your needs. Our custom spectrums allow you to create the perfect lighting for your unique growing conditions.
Intensity Leveraging the latest LED innovations and form factor, emitters by GrowFilm® are designed to produce higher yields in less time. Our patented “many points of light” provide intense, concentrated light with minimal heat.
Light Period With GrowFilm®, you can easily develop and master the perfect lighting conditions needed to achieve maximum growth. Deliver precisely the right lighting, at the right time, during each stage of growth for your best grow ever.

Ready to discover what is possible with GrowFilm®? Contact us today to start planning your custom LED grow light system. Whatever your needs may be, we can develop a tailored and effective solution to meet your specific requirements.