Controlled Environment Agriculture

In a controlled environmental setting, access to natural light may not exist. Artificial lights then serve as the source of lighting in these circumstances, helping to counteract the absence of natural light, extend the hours of available daylight, and produce high-quality crops.

Previously, lighting options for controlled environment agriculture were fairly limited. Most growers had to rely on lighting methods that were inefficient and generate excessive amounts of heat. GrowFilm® was developed to address these issues and produce better growing outcomes more efficiently.

Protect Delicate Plants and Equipment from Damaging Heat.

Many traditional lighting solutions generate a substantial amount of heat, which can damage plants and other equipment if not regulated properly. Controlling this excess heat often requires the use of excessive equipment, adding to operating costs and cutting into profits. Clever design by GrowFilm® requires no heat sink, and the LEDs are circuited in such a way that they generate very minimal heat. Able to run with minimal heat, GrowFilm® provides efficient, effective lighting without the need for additional cooling systems.

Flexible, Durable Design for More Efficient Use of Space.

One of the keys to profitability in controlled environment agriculture production is the efficient use of space. Vertical farming and other space-saving methods are often utilized to allow for more plants to be cultivated in less space. Sleek, efficient, and flexible design by GrowFilm® makes it an ideal lighting solution for virtually any situation.

  • Flexible and Highly Versatile. LEDs by GrowFilm® are arranged and circuited on UL-approved, highly durable Polyimide (PI) film, allowing for incredible flexibility. With GrowFilm®, you can easily surround your plants in balanced, custom light.
  • Unique and Lightweight. At only 1.2 ounces per square foot, GrowFilm® is lightweight and easily deployed in nearly any space and with any setup. GrowFilm® is uniquely suited for space-efficient setups such as vertical walls, racks, and towers.
  • Easily Modified. GrowFilm® was specially designed to be able to flex and conform to virtually any space, but its adaptability doesn’t end there. Our durable, flexible panels can be trimmed to fit your growing space, or connected together to fill a larger area.

Greater Efficacy for Shorter Grow Times.

Inefficient plant growth can take a major toll on your profitability. GrowFilm® efficiently provides optimal lighting, resulting in shorter grow times and higher yields.

  • Custom Light Spectrum for Optimal Light and Maximum Control. In environments where supplemental lighting is required, the quality of light is crucial. In order to achieve the best possible result, you need to be able to control the quantity and quality of lighting your plants receive. GrowFilm® is custom manufactured, allowing us to create solutions that are perfectly tailored to suit your exact needs.
  • Low Heat for Closer Proximity. Because GrowFilm® produces minimal heat, it can be placed much closer to your plants without the risk of damage. This close proximity allows for more efficient use of space, reduced energy consumption, and higher PPFD.
  • Better Uniformity and Highest Efficacy. LEDs by GrowFilm® are arranged and circuited with many points of light, providing the best light dispersion and uniformity in the industry. Our unique design increases plant health and yields while also eliminating hot and dark spots over the entire growing area.
  • Low Energy Usage. The incredible efficiency of horticultural LED grow lights by GrowFilm® ensures minimum energy usage while encouraging maximum plant growth. LEDs are remarkably efficient, delivering light effectively while using minimal energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Unique range of benefits by GrowFilm® make it ideal for controlled environment agricultural settings, making it possible to increase profitability.

Increased Density & Yields The efficacy and efficiency of GrowFilm® allows for more photons to be transferred to your plants, resulting in increased plant density and higher yields.
Reduced Grow Time By providing optimal light, grow time can be reduced substantially without the use of pesticides and herbicides. GrowFilm® can be customized to suit any need, so you can achieve superior lighting tailored to the exact needs of your plants and growing environment.
Improved Efficiency Low energy consumption by GrowFilm®, versatile design, and industry-leading uniformity make it an efficient and cost-effective option for CEAs.

Designed to revolutionize indoor growing, GrowFilm® is the easiest and most versatile indoor grow light on the market. Contact us today to start planning your custom lighting solution.