GrowFilm was developed to support our commitment to making indoor growing more efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable. To share this commitment, we are happy to partner with distributors who want to provide indoor growers with the equipment and resources they need to get started or to expand their indoor growing setup.

GrowFilm’s innovative and adaptable design makes it an ideal solution for any indoor grower who is ready to create a more efficient and effective setup. Contact us to learn more about becoming a distributor and how GrowFilm’s unique lighting solutions can provide your customers with exactly what they are looking for.

Quality Lighting without the Excess Heat.

Heat can be incredibly damaging to plants, especially young sprouts and seedlings. GrowFilm’s low-heat LED growing lights are designed to provide the light plants need, without the excess heat, making them the ideal solution for many indoor growers. GrowFilm is cleverly designed to require no heat sink, and the LEDs are circuited in a way that generates very minimal heat. Able to run at 93º F, GrowFilm provides efficient, effective lighting without the need for additional cooling systems.

The Flexible LED Growing System.

Thanks to its unique, flexible design, your customers can easily shape GrowFilm to fit their specific setups. GrowFilm consists of many LEDs, which are arranged and circuited on UL-approved, highly durable Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) film, allowing for incredible flexibility. And, at only 1.2 ounces per square foot, GrowFilm’s lightweight design makes it an ideal lighting solution for virtually any setup.

Easily Scaled to Suit their Needs.

Beyond being incredibly flexible, GrowFilm is simple to modify, and your customers can easily adapt their lighting setups to suit their needs. Panels can be trimmed with scissors without compromising on functionality. To fit a larger space, multiple panels can be easily joined together.

Efficient and Cost-Effective.

Whether your customers have a relatively small indoor growing setup or are operating on a larger scale, efficiency matters. GrowFilm uses highly efficient LEDs that are arranged on panels so they overlap, creating an even blending of light that eliminates cold or dark spots within the growing area. Because it produces very minimal heat, GrowFilm can also be placed much closer to plants than more traditional lighting methods, resulting in less energy being used and higher PPFD.

If you want to provide your customers with GrowFilm’s energy-efficient LED growing lights, contact us to learn more about becoming a distributor.