Patriot™ by GrowFilm®

Our Patriot™ by GrowFilm® lighting is designed to provide the ideal targeted light spectrum for flowering plants. With Patriot™, you have an incredible amount of control over your production cycles.

The Ideal LED Lights for Flowering

While lighting needs will vary depending on the growing conditions and species being grown, quality of light plays a major role in growing outcomes to provide the ideal light spectrum for flowering plants of all kinds, improving aesthetics and giving you more control over every stage of plant growth.

GrowFilm® Patriot™ Spectrum

Product Highlights:

  • 1152 LEDs
  • PPF: 655 µmol/s to 924 µmol/s
  • Input power: 11.7 W/ft2 to 19.3W/ft2
  • Efficacy: 3.0 µmol/J to 3.5 µmol/J
  • Recommend height above canopy 7"
  • PPFD: 240 µmol/m2s to 368 µmol/m2s at 7" above canopy
  • Short Day DLI (12 hour): 15.8 moles max
  • Long Day DLI (18 hour): 23.7 moles max
  • Based on a 4 ft by 4ft coverage area
Best Uniformity Our standard distribution is optimized for “general” species growing. We’ve eliminated most of the green light and optimized flux output for both vegetative growth and flowering. With “many points of light” by GrowFilm®, light is uniform across your grow canopy at a mounting height of only 7”. Custom spectra are available on request.
Flexible Circuit Patriot™ lighting panels by GrowFilm® consist of 144 LEDs that are arranged on a flexible circuit. This flexible design allows them to adapt and suit a wide variety of unique growing applications. Our flexible substrates can stimulate photosynthesis from above and from the side of your plants, maximizing both yield and quality.
Controlled Light With Patriot™ lighting panels, you have the sun at your command and under your control.
Minimal Heat Each 12” x 24” panel is populated with multi-color, discrete LEDs that are driven at a moderate current to produce uniform light distributions with minimal heat output. We utilize 144 LEDs that deliver an optimum flux distribution to all plant species. Sheets can be mounted closer to plants in order to stimulate the entire leaf (7” for optimal flux), reducing the amount of space needed as well as energy costs.
Highest Efficacy GrowFilm® delivers the industry’s highest PAR efficacy, 45% higher than HPS and 13% greater than our closest LED competitor. GrowFilm® has been proven to decrease grow times while simultaneously increasing yields.
Better Growing Outcomes GrowFilm® has been shown to reduce plant cycle time, increase yields, and reduce the amount of distance needed between lights and plants. For indoor growers, this means lower costs, higher yields, and an unsurpassed level of control over every stage of the growing process.

Patriot™ by GrowFilm® is easily customized to meet your specific needs. To learn more about this and other GrowFilm® Products, contact us today!