GrowFilm Patriot Plus™


Our new high output targeted spectrum, the GrowFilm Patriot Plus™ emitter, delivers more than 2 mol/hour and flowers your plants as never before with the best uniform lighting in the industry. GrowFilm Patriot Plus™ will take your plants from veg to flower unlike anything you have ever seen!

GrowFilm Patriot Spectrum

Product Highlights:

  • 2304 LEDs
  • 1112 µmol/s to 1464 µmol/s
  • 28.2 W/ft2 to 37.9 W/ft2
  • 2.42 µmol/J to 2.47 µmol/J
  • 48” x 48” Coverage Area
  • Recommended height above canopy: 7”
  • PPFD: 595 µmol/m2s to 730 µmol/m2s at 7'' above canopy
  • Short Day DLI (12 hour): 31.3 moles max
  • Long Day DLI (18 hour): 47 moles max
  • Based on a 4ft by 4ft coverage area
PATENTED UNIFORMITY Our unique and patented emitters deliver the best uniformity in the industry and have been scientifically proven to increase yields and shorten grow times. “Many points of light” by GrowFilm™ delivers an impressive efficacy (up to 2.47µ/J) with minimal heat output allowing the GrowFilm Patriot Plus™ to be mounted as close as 7” to the canopy.
FLEXIBLE FORM FACTORGrowFilm Patriot Plus™ consists of 288 LEDs arranged on a flexible, 1’ x 2’ circuit that can be “tiled together” to almost any size. This flexible design allows our emitters to adapt and suit a wide variety of unique form factors and growing applications. Our flexible emitters stimulate photosynthesis from above, below and/or from the side of your plants, maximizing both yield and quality.
OPTIMIZED SPECTRUM The GrowFilm Patriot Plus™ has a spectrum designed to optimize plant growth from vegetation through flowering. Select growers have experienced growth of over 1” per day on hemp and cannabis using both horizontal rack and vertical grows. Custom spectra are available on request.
Minimal Heat The unique design of GrowFilm Patriot Plus™, with multi-color, discrete LEDs, generate minimal heat while delivering unsurpassed light distribution. Utilizing 288 LEDs, GrowFilm Patriot Plus™ delivers an optimum flux distribution to all plant species. Sheets can be mounted closer to plants in order to stimulate the entire leaf (7” for optimal flux), reducing the amount of space needed as well as energy costs.
BETTER GROWING OUTCOMES Growers continue to report reduced plant cycle times, increased yields and reduced distance between the emitters and plants with GrowFilm lighting. This translates to lower costs, higher yields, and increased profitability.

GrowFilm Patriot Plus™ is easily customized to meet your specific needs. To learn more about this and other GrowFilm™ products, contact us today!