White Lightning™ by GrowFilm®

White Lightning™ by GrowFilm® is a patented, full spectrum, low-heat, energy-efficient, and flexible indoor grow lighting system that is revolutionizing indoor growing.

The Ideal LED Light for Growing Plants.

No other LED grow light can match the unique benefits of White Lightning™ by GrowFilm®. White Lightning™ is designed to surround your plants in perfectly balanced, uniform light. Its clever design allows for light to reach the canopy, sides, and even under leaves, dramatically increasing growth and yields by up to 40 percent. White Lightning™ and lighting systems by GrowFilm® make it the most versatile indoor grow light on the market.

Discover how you can achieve faster growth and higher yields, all while using less energy.

GrowFilm® White Lightning™

Product Highlights:

  • 2304 LEDs
  • PPF: 271 µmol/s to 1044 µmol/s
  • Input power: 6.7 W/ft2 - 39 W/ft2
  • Efficacy: 1.7 µmol/J to 2.5 µmol/J
  • Recommend height above canopy: 7"
  • PPFD: 181 µmol/m2s to 722 µmol/m2s at 7" above canopy
  • Short Day DLI (12 hour): 31 moles max
  • Long Day DLI (18 hour): 46.6 moles max
  • Based on a 4 ft by 4 ft coverage area
Best Uniformity Using many points of light, GrowFilm® evenly distributes light over the entire growing area. This uniformity eliminates hot and dark spots, and optimizes flux output at all stages of growth.
Flexible Circuit Board LED lights by GrowFilm® are arranged on a flexible circuit, allowing them to adapt and suit a wide variety of unique applications. If you can create it, we can light it.
Modifiable Each of our flexible circuit measures 12” x 24” and can be cut to a smaller size or “tiled” horizontally or vertically to nearly any size.
Minimal Heat Each sheet is created with LEDs driven at a moderate current, producing uniform light distribution while operating with minimal heat output. Sheets can be mounted closer to plants in order to stimulate the entire leaf (7” for optimal flux), reducing the amount of space needed as well as energy costs.
Better Growing Outcomes GrowFilm® has been shown to reduce plant cycle time, increase yields, and reduce the amount of distance between lights and plants. For indoor growers, this means lower costs and higher yields

Developed through a collaboration with the top minds in horticulture and agriculture at the University of Minnesota, GrowFilm® brings groundbreaking research to market through our revolutionary, patented grow technology. We believe in creating innovative, sustainable solutions for the betterment of our world and its people, and these beliefs inspired us to create GrowFilm®.

To learn more about this and other GrowFilm® Products, contact us. We will help you develop a custom solution that is perfectly suited to your needs.